Warranty and Guarantee

NLED Branded Devices Include A 3 Year Warranty

All products includes a 3 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty. The first year includes Full Service Warranty on craftsmanship and component failure when used within the recommended specifications. All products are designed with quality parts and manufactured to last. If any device is damaged, through failure, accident, or negligence, for up to 3 years after purchase Contact Us to discuss options for repair or replacement, often at no additional cost other than shipping.

1 Year Full Service Warranty

For 1 Year after purchase, if the device is no longer functioning or failing, send it back to get it repaired or replaced, and sent back to you at no charge.  If the device was damaged through user negligence or accident, such as a shorts, ESD, over voltage, incorrect polarity, etc. it is still covered for repair but the owner may be required to cover market cost of the replacement parts. Does not cover physical damages to the device,(crushed, scratched, smashed, etc) but repair still may be an option, Contact Us for details.

3 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty

For 3 years after purchase a failed, failing, or damaged device can be sent in for repair or replacement. The customer must pay for shipping both ways and in some rare circumstances, may be have to cover the market cost of the replacement parts and/or the labor costs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

In addition to the standard 4 week return policy, NLED also offers a 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, with full refund including the original shipping costs, on all devices when the customer discusses their project with the designer to ensure the controller will work well for their circumstances and requirements. Please Contact Us to get started.

Exclusions: LEDs, LED Pixels, LED Strip, Cables, and Consumables are not covered by the warranty.


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