NLED 16-Bit RGBW Lamp Controller

     The NLED 16-Bit LED Lamp Controller is designed for small LED based mood lamps and color washes. It features a rotary encoder(dial) with a button for user control, adjust the sequence, speed, intensity, and manually select colors. The device is compatible with the NLED Aurora Control software, which allows the user to connect the device to a computer over USB and design custom color sequences that can be uploaded to the controller, for it to run by itself, without a computer. This controller features 4 channels of 16-bit PWM, which can create trillions of unique colors with perfectly smooth fade transitions. The multiple channels allow for 4 different groups of LEDs to be controlled, such as RGB, RGB+White/UltraViolet, or multiple single colors. It offers the ability to control the outputs over USB, serial from an Arduino or similar, and DMX-512(model B) with selectable 8-bit and 16-bit reception modes.

Devices sold before October 2017 are currently not compatible with the new version 2 firmware. The bootloader method has changed, and version 2 firmware can not be loaded onto those controllers. It is an unforseen issue that older controllers are not compatible with the newer version 2 firmware. NLED is available to help you upgrade if you would like to use the new version 2 firmware on an uncompatible controller. Please contact to get help upgrading your controller.

Please see datasheet on how to identify if your controller is compatible with version 2.

Short Feature List:
  • 4 Channels of High Current Outputs
  • User Selectable PWM Frequency and Resolution, from 16-bit at 244Hz to 8-bit at 62.5Khz
  • 16-Bit PWM Resolution(65,535 Brightness levels per channel) with full reception and Stand-Alone support
  • USB Connectivity for live control and to interface with NLED Aurora Control software
  • TTL Serial Reception, from PC, Arduino, XBee or other serial devices
  • DMX-512 Reception with 4 User selectable Modes, 8-bit and 16-bit types
  • Customizable Stand-Alone Sequences with DMX Master transmission to daisy chain multiple devices(Model B)
  • Full 16-Bit usage in stand-alone mode, perfectly smooth transitions and effects.
  • Small form factor, robust serviceable design
  • Designed and Manufactured in America. Includes a Full Warranty and Guarantee
  • See Datasheet for full feature list.
Datasheet Version 2 (Current) View/Download
Datasheet Version 1 (Old Version) View/Download
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