NLED Aurora Control Software

Most NLED Controllers are compatible with the NLED Aurora Control software. The software is used to create a multitude of patterns and sequences on a computer then, upload them to the compatible controller for the device to run by itself, without a computer connection. The simple GUI makes it easy for anyone to create custom color sequences of any sort and upload them to the controller over the USB connection. Great for any LED project that requires custom color sequences. In addition to standalone sequences, it also supports USB Live Control, send packets over USB to the device for direct control of the outputs. It supports single color, RGB, or RGBW LED configurations.

This software is available free of charge and only works with compatible NLED Controllers. If you are having trouble using the software with your device, please ensure your device's firmware has been updated. Check the device's webpage for the Firmware Update Image and apply it using the instructions at and, ensure you have the most recent version of NLED Aurora Control.

10/25/2016: Webpage was not properly updated on 10/10, listed v.1h as newest but was suppose to link to v.1i

10/10/2016: Version 1i posted. Handful of bug fixes, especially for POV GUI things. Version 2 comming soon.

Known Bugs: Please Contact Us to report.
- On some devices Linked sequences won't play the last color sequence in the list, add a dummy sequence to the last slot for now.
- Linked fade transistion is broken some devices until next update.

8/23/2016: New update with many GUI changes, added features, new device support, and lots more. See README.TXT.

Mac version currently not available, the Windows or Linux version must be used. Linux version is untested, please report any bugs or fixes to

Aurora Software Windows 32-bit - v.1i - Java Embeded(~75Mb) Download
Aurora Software Linux 32-bit - v.1i Download
Previous Versions Downloads Folder
Manual View/Download
Other Documents View/Download
Updated NLED Aurora Command Sheet View/Download
NLED Configuration Software Visit Webpage

Preview of GUI

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