NLED Aurora Control Software

Most NLED Controllers are compatible with the NLED Aurora Control software. The software is used to create a multitude of patterns and sequences on a computer then, upload them to the compatible controller for the device to run by itself, without a computer connection. The simple GUI makes it easy for anyone to create custom color sequences of any sort and upload them to the controller over the USB connection. Great for any LED project that requires custom color sequences. In addition to standalone sequences, it also supports USB Live Control, send packets over USB to the device for direct control of the outputs. It supports single color, RGB, or RGBW LED configurations.

This software is available free of charge and only works with compatible NLED Controllers. If you are having trouble using the software with your device, please ensure your device's firmware has been updated. Check the device's webpage for the Firmware Update Image and apply it using the instructions at and, ensure you have the most recent version of NLED Aurora Control.

9/10/2017: Major version 2c update with tons of bug fixes and enhancements. See readme for changelog information. Significantly more stable, please use version 2 if your device supports it.

9/10/2017: NOTE: Due to a compiler bug the MacOS version does not support video POVs or loading of video files. It will stall/freeze the software if a video file is loaded, should be patched next revision.

Installation Instructions: This software does not require any installation or third-party downloads. Just download a the correct ZIP file for your operating system below, unzip the folder to a location on your hard drive, open the folder then start the NLEDAurora.exe(for Windows) or NLEDAurora app for other OSs.

Current Supported Devices: Pixel Controller Electron, Pixel Controller Ion, NLED 30 Channel High Current Controller, 16-Bit RGBW Lamp Controller.

Future Support: Four Channel Micro, NLED 4 Channel DMX Wash Controller, and unreleased 16 channel high current controller.

Version 2 software is currently stable, please report any bugs.

Aurora Software Windows 32-bit - v.2d Download
Aurora Software MacOS - v.2d Download
Aurora Software Linux 32-bit - v.2d (untested) Download
Aurora Software ARMv6(RasPi) - v.2d (untested) Download
Aurora User Manual v.2c (current) Download / Wiki
NLED Aurora Command Sheet v.2c (current) View/Download
NLED Aurora Example Source Code (Development) GitHub / Webpage
NLED Patcher - Pixel Mapping Software Webpage

Legacy Downloads and for certain devices that are not yet supported by version 2 software.

Aurora Software Windows 32-bit - v.1j (latest stable)) Download
Aurora Software Linux 32-bit - v.1j (latest stable) Download
Aurora Software MacOS - v.1j (latest stable) Download
Previous Versions Downloads Folder
Manual v.1 View/Download
Other Documents v.1 View/Download
Updated NLED Aurora Command Shee v.1 View/Download
NLED Configuration Software Visit Webpage(Very Outdated)

Preview of GUI

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