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APA102 LED Strip Matrix Boards

9/25/2017: This is a new prodcut and not in full release. But is available by special order(minimum of 10 pieces of each type)

These are passive PCBs that allow standard LED pixel strip to be easily made into LED matrices.They are designed for APA102 pixels but would work with other 4-wire pixel types, such as WS2801. Multiple can be chained together for larger matrices. There are positions for 4 strips for the 30 per meter type, and 6 strips for the 60 per meter type.

Note: This is a preliminary listing, and will be updated in the future. Shown are the prototypes that have are combined 60 and 30 pixels per meter, with left and right variants. In the future each board will be both left and right for a single pixel spacing, with 60 and 30 pixel per meter board variants.


  • 60 or 30 Pixels Per Meter types. 
  • Left and Right variants, requires 2 different PCBs to make a matrix.
  • Supports APA102, WS2801 and other 4-wire pixel chipsets.
  • Note: These are not compaitlbe with WS2812 or similar 3-wire pixel chipsets.

NLED is available to design custom LED panels, strips, or other LED products. Please Contact Us for details.

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  • Manufactured by: Northern Lights ElectronicDesign

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