NLED WS2801 MOSFET Driver Module

Based on the WS2801 chipset this 3 channel MOSFET driver allows high current and/or high voltages(5v to 60v) to be controlled just like a standard WS2801 pixel. Great for controlling 12 volt RGB LED strips or other types of high wattage LEDs in various configurations. Operates just like any other pixel, so they can be chained together or controlled by themselves. Easy to interface to from an Arduino, PIC or other logic devices with a SPI port. The control scheme is simple, send 3 bytes of data for every module in the chain using a standard SPI port, waiting at least 500uS between updates. Or they can be controlled with one of the many NLED Pixel Controllers.

Short Feature List:
  • WS2801 Chipset Based
  • 3 Channels of High Current and High Voltage Outputs(24v or 60v)
  • 8-Bit PWM Resolution(16 Million Colors) at 2.5Khz PWM Frequency
  • Output Channels Are In Current Sink(Common Anode) Configuration
  • Supports 15 Amp Total, 5 Amps Per Channel. Outputs Support Up To 10A Individually
  • Compatible With Arduino, PICs, Atmels, and many other controllers
  • Includes a Full 3 Year Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.

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