NLED Quasar - 30 Channel LED Controller

The NLED Quasar from Northern Lights Electronic Design is a fully featured LED controller. Offering USB, DMX-512, and Serial control methods. Each control method offers 8-bit or 16-bit options, as the outputs have 1.5KHz PWM frequency with 12-bit(4096 brightness levels) resolution. Which allows bright, sharp colors with smooth even color transitions. In addition to powerful stand-alone color sequences that the user can create and customize using the free software NLED Aurora Control. It can handle single color, RGB or RGB+W/U.V. LED configurations. The output channels are high powered allowing up to 8 amps each or 75 amps total for the controller, with a maximum of 24 volt input. The output channels offer pluggable terminal blocks, making connecting up the LEDs easy and efficient. All outputs and connections are labled on the acrylic case. The device offers many user configuration options, all accessible through the 3-digit LED display and two buttons, easily change configurations such as the DMX address without DIP switches or charts. Each controller comes with lifetime customer service that strives to keep customers satisfied so they can get the most out of their purchase.

Short Feature List:
  • 30 Channels of High Current Outputs, up to 8A per channel, 75A total
  • Supports 5 to 24 volt LEDs and input voltages
  • Fully enclosed decorative acrylic enclosure
  • 8-Bit or 12-Bit PWM Resolution Outputs with a PWM Frequency of 1.5KHz
  • USB Connectivity for live control and to interface with NLED Aurora Control Software
  • 3-Digit LED Display for configuring the options, such as DMX address
  • Serial Reception, from PC, FTDI, Arduino, XBee or other serial devices
  • DMX-512 Reception with 7 selectable reception modes, 8-bit and 16-bit types
  • Great for 12 Volt LED Strip and High Wattage LEDs
  • Customizable Stand-Alone Sequences with DMX Master transmission to daisy chain multiple devices
  • Designed and Manufactured in The United States. Includes a Full 3 Year Warranty and Guarantee
  • Feautres a NLED 30 Channel High Current LED Controller, see datasheet for more features

Product Brochure See Image Below
Controller Datasheet View/Download
NLED Aurora Control software Visit Webpage
Same Controller Without An Enclosure Visit Webpage
NLED Quasar LED Strip Controller Showcard
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