Spherical LED Matrix

A pixel LED matrix built inside of a 20" diameter diffused acrlylic globe. 1238 pixels worth LPD8806 LED pixel strip with 48/LEDs per meter was utilized. Built on a aluminum bar and metal strapping frame.

A project a long time in development, while the physical design is relatively simple, the method of control is a bit more complicated and required the development of suitable software and techniques. This project is based around a 20" diameter diffused acrylic lamp cover that was purchased from a building materials recycling company. It either hung or was mounted on a pole and contained a high wattage mercury bulb(it seems). It was already separated in two pieces, top half(hemisphere) and bottom half(hemisphere) with the mounting hardware. The acrylic bottom is held onto the metal base with a metal flange that bolts together from the outside and clamps the bottom hemisphere between them. 1238 pixels worth of LPD8806 LED strip was used, while using flat LED strip caused some problems, there really isn't many other options that wouldn't require some serious design and manufacturing. Which for a single shot, DIY project like this, isn't an option.

Controller NLED Pixel Controller Ion(Special Firmware)
Alternate Controller NLED Pixel Controller Mini
Power Supply NLED Shop
LED Pixel Strip NLED Shop
NLED Matrix Control Software Visit Webpage
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