Round LED Matrix - 340 WS2801 Pixels

340 WS2801 pixels with 12mm RGB LEDs were used to create a simple to assemble RGB LED matrix/screen. While kind of expensive, they are extremely easy to mount, wire, and to control. This type of WS2801 pixel chipset was chosen for this project as they were readily available, was the correct package(resin cast), easy to control, 8-bit(256 levels each color) of color, and has a 2.5KHz PWM frequency. The WS2801 chips are controlled via a data and clock line, which is easily interfaced to the MCU, the WS2801 based pixels can be clocked up to 20 mHz, allowing fast updates(frame rate). Other pixel chipsets could be used, such as WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, LPD8806, LPD6803, or others. See Pixel Chipset Information The LEDs were mounted on a 48" diameter HDPE outdoor table obtained from the trash. It was easy to tool and provided rigid support for the LEDs. It was cut in half to make transportation easier, and to support a future center section. The LEDs were also divided into the two sections, that allows them to be used separately if needed. The round shape of this matrix makes control from most software programs difficult, as the pixels are not in a standard order, as it is round, so each row has a different amount of LEDs in it. To control something like this, the control software must be able to (pixel) patch. Not all software is capable of patching. But the software NLED Matrix, designed and written just for small DIY matrices such as this one, is fully capable of patching and other functions required to control odd-shaped matrices. It supports single color, RGB and RGBW(check current release for support) based matrices.

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