RGB LED Pex Pipe Hexagons - 12 Volt LED Strip

These were made for a backdrop for a outdoor music festival. 20 hexagons of 4 sizes were made using 10' straight lengths(spools wouldn't work) of white/natural PEX piping. They are assemebled with a single U-shaped nail on each corner, no glue or anything else holding them together. Viewed from the front the fastener can not be seen and the hexagons appear seamless. The crucial part of making hexagons is every segment has to be exactly the same length, so a stop block on the mitre box is mandatory. And every segment has to be cut at the same time, without the stop block moving or the segments will not fit together right.

Each hexagon has 12 volt LED strip inside and is independently controllable. Each one connects to a NLED Quasar or 30 channel high current controller with a pluggable terminal. The controller allows stand-alone color sequences or DMX control. The hexagons were zipped tied to a 12'(spliced 3 legnths of 4' wide fence) wide section of black construction fencing, which is like a plastic net. The fencing was hung from a top support pole.

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