Pixel Controller Micro

This pixel controller from NLED is the most effective solution yet for control of addressable LED pixels over DMX-512 or TTL serial. It is a small form factor that is easy to use and setup, but still has many features packed in. It supports all the common chipsets from WS2811, WS2812, WS2801, APA102, SK6812, and numerous others, with a platform that is easily updated additional chipset support can be implemented. The controller allows the chipset to be easily selected on the fly, in circuit with no removal, and no complicated charts to reference. Over DMX-512 a full universe of RGB(170) or RGBW(128) pixels can be controlled, at fast packet rates and update speeds. Using TTL serial for control allows a minimum of 256 RGB pixels to be controlled from any serial device, such as an Arduino, FTDI, Xbee, ESP or similar serial devices, even 3.3 volt types without level translation. Depending on the serial baud rate and pixel chipset up to 2048 pixels could be controlled.

Short Feature List:
  • Supports Multiple Pixel Chipsets - WS2801, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, LPD8806, LPD6803, APA102, SK9822, APA104, SK6812, and more.
  • Chipset is easily selectable using input switches. The selected chipset is saved to memory. Easily select which chipset you want to control.
  • Features DMX Decoder Mode, decodes/converts DMX-512 data then sends out the data bytes converted to TTL serial and/or standard SPI(no flow control)
  • Supports Color Order / Color Swap. Makes non-RGB order chipsets accept RGB ordered data.
  • Small form factor, 1.25" x 2" x 0.5"(tall)
  • Supports wide votlage ranges, 3.3v to 12 volt support
  • DMX-512 or Serial Control at any baud rate.
  • Supports any DMX packet rate and size. Full universes at 44 FPS, partial packets at an rate.
  • Supports WiFi and Bluetooth through the serial connection, requires external modules.
  • Designed and Manufactured in The United States. Includes 3 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support.
  • See Datasheet for full feature list

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