Pixel Controller Electron

7/1/2017: Now supports Aurora version 2, you can find the update HEX file in the NLED Aurora folder under devices subfolder.

 The Pixel Controller Electron is designed to be the smallest, most versatile pixel controller available with the ability to control most any type of addressable pixel. It features a 3-axis accelerometer for feedback and is optimized for flow toys, wearable applications, and dynamic lighting applications. Using the free software NLED Aurora Control, the user can create endlessly customizable color sequences and patterns, as well as P.O.V(Point of Vision) graphics. With 16 megabytes of onboard flash memory, accessible over micro USB and through addon WiFi or Bluetooth modules. No need for SD cards, readers, or extra equipment, all that is required is a micro USB cable same as your smart phone uses. It is compatible with voltages as low as 2 volts, no need for boost circuits or extra batteries. In addition to the the powerful stand-alone features, it also is capable of direct control of the outputs through TTL serial from external devices such as X-Bees, Arduinos, and FTDI adapters. It also supports DMX-512 reception, with a special stand-alone sequence control method, which allows sequences to be triggered and controlled. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. to high standards, this controller offers a 3 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

 The onboard 16 megabyte memory is enough to hold up to 256 customized color sequences, each with up to 65,535 frames.

 Multiple firmware versions support either stand-alone flow toy based designs. Or high pixel control over USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, or Serial, up to 2048 pixels can be controlled from a single controller.

Short Feature List:
  • Up to 512 Channels in Stand-Alone Usage and Data Reception. (Future updates will allow 1024)
  • Supports Multiple Pixel Chipsets - WS2801, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, LPD8806, LPD6803, LPD1886, TM1803, APA102, APA104, SK6812, and more
  • USB Connectivity - Control thousands of pixels over USB
  • Customizable Stand-Alone Color Sequences using NLED Aurora Control Software.
  • Utilizes a 3-Axis Accelerometer great for flow toys such as poi, staves, or hoops
  • Supports P.O.V., Point of Vision sequences. Display images in the air.
  • Incredibly small form factor, 0.6" x 1.25" x 0.2" thick. Fits in 5/8" ID tube.
  • Onboard 16 megabyte memory, No SD card required. Accessible via native USB or addon WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Supports DMX-512 with add-on transciever. With DMX stand-alone sequence control.
  • Supports TTL Serial at all baud rates, control from an Arduino or other serial devices.
  • Supports WiFi via an ESP8266, XBee, or similar products. Or Bluetooth via modules.
  • Low voltage, 3.3v to 12 volt support. Power it and LED pixels from a single lithium ion battery.
  • Designed and Manufactured in The United States. Includes 3 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support.
  • See Datasheet for full feature list

10/30/2017: Current version is v.2c, update file distrubuted with Aurora v.2d is bad, Use This v.2c Update File.

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