NLED Matrix - Control and Mixing Software

NLED Matrix is a Java based application used for mixing and controlling video content and to output it to a custom DIY LED Matrix or matrices, which can be of any shape and size. NLED-Matrix supports pixel patching, which allows the user to create the order in which the software outputs the data to the LED Pixels. That means any shape of LED matrix, any layout, any color order, with any type of control scheme can be made to work with the software. It allows two feeds of video data, either from a file such as .MOV, from an image, from a external video feed, or from any of the numerous generated content. The mixed video feed can be sent over Serial(USB Adapter, or RS-485 adapter), TCP, or UDP.

Video feed sources can be video files(AVI, MPG, MOV, and others), one of the several generated content(Meta balls, Spiral, star field, plasma, sound reactive sine, sound reactive bars), custom .dat files(text files containing the video data, videos converted using a different Processing program), DShow input(camera feed, such as screen grabber on Milkdrop or other visualizer)

More generated feeds will be written and added in the future. If you have any you would like to get added in to NLED-Matrix, contact the author.

There are a few options available to transmit the data, such as the basic Serial, to connect to something such as an USB to Serial Adapter, or a USB Enabled Microcontroller. Or even directly to most Arduino boards. And it supports TCP or UDP communication of a network or internet. Tested it with TCP and UDP connections to an X-Bee Wifi, worked well enough.

Written in Processing( to be free, open source, and easy for anyone to modify the source code to suit their needs. It supports all types of RGB(any order) pixels, single color LED pixels, and RGBW pixels.(RGBW may or may not be implemented in current version, check change log)

Inspired by move2Serial Processing app that is used with the OctoWS2811 LED Library. But is in no way derived or affiliated

Uses/Requires the 3rd Party Libraries:
netP5 -
Minim -
TheMIDIbus -
DirectShow -
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NLED Matrix Patcher - Software

This software app is used for creating patch files. For round or non-rectangle LED matrices the software has to be told where the pixels are physically placed in relation to the others. The software uses the patch file to assenmble the data in the proper order before sending it out the the controller.

Visit NLED Patcher Software Webpage

Shown is the GUI for the NLED Matrix Mixing and Control Software. Shown is a custom round WS2801 Pixel LED Matrix, all DIY. View Project Webpage

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