NLED Controller Configuration Software

This software app is used to configure the controllers various configuration settings. Which include things like DMX adress, DMX mode, baud rate, and pixel chipsets. The software is written in the free and easy to use, Processing( The source code is available for download and can be used for a reference for custom software applications and usages.

10/9/2016: This is very out of date, use NLED Aurora control for newer controller versions. This software is still compatible with the NLED Pixel Controller Mini versions 1 through 4. Versions 1a through 1e for the NLED 4 Channel DMX Wash Controller. And all versions of the NLED 16-Bit RGBW Lamp Controller.

5/26/2017: This is now ridiculously out of date and only should be used for the NLED Pixel Controller Mini, NLED 16-Bit RGBW Lamp Controller, NLED OctoSequencer Controller, and NLED 4 Channel DMX Wash Controller with older firmware versions(pre-Sept 2016)

Supported Controllers:

Download Version 1c - Windows 32 - Java Embedded(With Source) Download
Download Version 1c - MacOSX Source Only Download
Download Version 1c - Linux 32(With Source) Download
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