NLED External 3-Digit LED Display

An external circuit with a 3-digit blue LED display and two buttons. It connects using a 10-pin(2x5) DIP spaced ribbon cable to a compatible NLED controller. Allows adjusting configuration options, such as DMX address easier as no DIP switches or charts are required.

This device is for user interaction and feedback for various NLED controllers and platforms. It features a blue 3-digit, 7-segment LED display and 2 buttons. The device receives SPI data as a slave, and does not transmit. The device handles controlling the LED segments to display the data. Character ID numbers are sent to the device from the SPI master and the device uses it's character map to load and display the selected characters. That means very low overhead for the master device, as it only needs to send 3 bytes to update the display. And does not need to map the characters. The buttons are monitored and handled by the master device and are not pulled up.

Works with compatible NLED controllers, pinout and device usage will be released soon to make it available for other DIY projects.

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