APA102 Products

A few of the Pixel based LED panels that are available. NLED prefers APA102 over the standard WS2812 type pixels, the APA102's have superior PWM frequency and allows a faster protocol for more efficient control.

All the seen products can be special ordered, with changes such as pixel chipset(if you wanted WS2812), board color, board branding, interconnections, etc. Anything can be customized if special ordered. Contact Us for details. Most of these designs will be open sourced at some point, contact if you want the files now.

APA102 30 Pixel Hexagon www.NLEDshop.com
APA102 32 Pixel Stick www.NLEDshop.com
APA102 3 Pixel Triangle www.NLEDshop.com
APA102 16 Pixel Pentagon www.NLEDshop.com
APA102 Matrix Boards www.NLEDshop.com

APA102 30 Pixel Hexagon Eagle Files Download
APA102 3 Pixel Triangle Eagle Files Coming Soon, Contact with Questions
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