NLED 4 Channel DMX Wash Controller

     This DMX connected LED controller from Northern Lights Electronic Design, is designed for DIY LED wash/flood light construction. With numerous features including 8-bit and 16-bit DMX reception modes, serial reception mode, stand-alone sequences, and an external LED display for adjusting the configurations and options. No more reading and setting DIP switches, the configurations such as DMX address and reception modes can be adjusted easily. Serial reception allows many other TTL serial devices, such as Arduino, FTDI adapters, and wireless Xbees to control the device. And for when a data signal is not available or required, there are several stand-alone sequences that the device can run, with the option to upload customized sequences through specialized software. With four, high current sinking outputs, many different LED configurations can be utilized, such as LED strip, high wattage LEDs or LED arrays. RGB+W or RGB+U.V. Or any combination of single color LEDs can be utilized.

Update 9/22/2016: Now shipping v.1b hardware with new v.1f firmware(similar to Four Channel Mini). New hardware(v.1b) ships with new bootloader(for future firmware updates) enabled, older(v.1a) hardware can be upgraded to the new firmware by requesting a replacement MCU.

Short Feature List:
  • 4 Channels of High Current Outputs
  • External 3-Digit Display, for adjusting configuration options. No DIP Switches.
  • Selectable PWM Rate from 1Khz up to 31Khz
  • DMX-512 Reception with 4 User selectable Modes, 8-bit and 16-bit types
  • 10-Bits(1024 levels) PWM Resolution in 16-Bit DMX Mode
  • TTL Serial Reception, from PC, Arduino, XBee or other serial devices
  • Customizable Stand-Alone Sequences with optional DMX Master transmission
  • Small form factor
  • Designed and Manufactured in America. Includes a Full Warranty and Guarantee
  • See Datasheet for full feature list.
Datasheet - (New) Hardware v.1b View/Download
Datasheet - Hardware v.1a View/Download
External LED Display Visit Webpage
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